Trump supporters lined up for several hours before the rally. Musician James McCoy Taylor shared this video with his song playing in the background:

Air Force One landed to screaming shouts and cheers from thousands of Trump supporters who waited all day for the chance to hear him speak.

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Father Frank Pavone is an outspoken, unapologetic, pro-life, Trump supporter.  Fr. Pavone frequently tweets about his support for America’s most pro-life president ever.

Yesterday, he tweeted about President Trump’s executive order to protect babies from being killed who are born alive.

Tonight, Fr. Pavone was asked by Right Side Broadcasting to co-host their coverage of President Trump’s Jacksonville, FL rally.

Joe Biden, a so-called Catholic was denied communion in a Catholic church in South Carolina over his pro-abortion position.  Catholic is working to bring awareness to parishioners about why their vote for Trump is so important in 2020. Here is one of their ads:

Evangelical giant and niece of Martin Luther King, Alveda King also joined the Right Side Broadcasting in their coverage of President Trump’s rally.

President Trump can be seen boarding Air Force One while YMCA plays in the background:

In contrast, Joe Biden is calling a “lid” on news coverage today.

The Hill reporter Joe Concha outlines Joe Biden’s campaign for the month of September, that includes a lid announcements every third day—no events, no questions.

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