A teacher in California called a male student up to the front of the classroom and started cutting his hair. Yes, California is the land of the fruits and nuts so this might not be a big surprise to some people.

The teacher sang a strange version of the national anthem as she was cutting his hair. Watch below and be glad your child isn’t exposed to this craziness in the classroom:

According to Inside Edition:

California chemistry teacher Margaret Gieszinger surprised her class when she took scissors to a male student’s hair earlier this month. As she cut his hair, the 52-year-old sang the national anthem.

Gieszinger is behind bars after being arrested for alleged child endangerment.

Inside Edition spoke with her husband, Peter, about the bizarre event.

“This is beyond anything I could imagine her doing,” he said, adding that he believed it was brought on by stress.

We feel sorry for her husband but we REALLY feel horrible for the young man who was scared to death having his hair cut by this crazed teacher.

Can you imagine?


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