Just listen to the language coming from the woman in the video. Now imagine if a conservative would’ve said this when Obama was President. The woman with the potty mouth is the newly elected Attorney General of New York!

“…definitely going to sue Trump and be a pain in the a** for Trump!”

The profanity is one thing but the woman is on camera saying she’s going after President Trump. Will she try and be fair at all to the president or just be a “pain in the a** for Trump”? This woman is beyond unprofessional…No class.

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The New York Times claims she ran on destroying President Trump so it’s no secret that she’ll pull out all the stops now that she’s in a position of power:

Letitia James was overwhelmingly elected as the attorney general of New York on Tuesday, shattering a trio of racial and gender barriers and placing herself in position to be at the forefront of the country’s legal bulwark against the policies of President Trump.

With her victory over Republican nominee Keith H. Wofford, Ms. James, 60, the public advocate for New York City, becomes the first woman in New York to be elected as attorney general, the first African-American woman to be elected to statewide office and the first black person to serve as attorney general.

Ms. Underwood already has dozens of cases pending against Mr. Trump, including an investigation into his charity and lawsuits to stop immigrant families from being separated at the border and to block the rollback of net neutrality and environmental regulations.

Because the courts and now this bulldog of a woman are all trying to destroy our president, we need a replacement for Sessions who is strong and will push back on this effort to stop President Trump’s agenda. Hopefully, Whittaker will be able to jump in and stop this woman.

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