As if we all need another reason not to watch the NFL. The video below shows a bizarre exchange between two NFL players.

How immature and out of control is this Washington Redskins player? Losing your cool over a game is the stuff of high school players.

Josh Norman went nuts after the 25-16 loss to the Tennessee Titans…

Norman was caught on video throwing his helmet at a Tennessee Titans payer. It was a huge mismatch as you can see on the video. Norman is lucky he didn’t get his head knocked off.

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“Heated” doesn’t even explain what happened with Norman. Could it be because it was the end of the season for the Redskins due to the loss?

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Here’s the skinny from Lewan after the game:

NBC Sports reports:

Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan walked toward Norman and yelled “Get the f*** out of my stadium.’

That’s when Norman hurled his helmet at Lewan, who in turn, mocked Norman’s bow-and-arrow celebration.

Paul Kelly, the Redskins director of football operations, had to step in and separate Norman from Lewan.

Following the altercation, Lewan was asked about the dustup. The three-time pro bowler explained that he believed Norman was trying to injury Henry, and Lewan would not stand for that.

“I’m not worried about Josh Norman. … I mean, I don’t know who that is,” he said, via Travis Haney. ” I was pissed. He was trying to hurt Derrick. That’s BS. That’s not the way football’s supposed to be played, man. It’s not our fault you’re not relevant anymore.

We’re sure the NFL Commissioner will get right on this one…

Goodall has already let the players run all over him so we can guarantee there is zero chance of punishment for this crazy behavior.


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