The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a food safety alert for several fruits linked to Listeria outbreak.

According to the CDC, Listeria (Listeriosis) is a “serious infection usually caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.”

“An estimated 1,600 people get listeriosis each year, and about 260 die. The infection is most likely to sicken pregnant women and their newborns, adults aged 65 or older, and people with weakened immune systems,” the CDC says.

The CDC said its food safety alert is due to recalled peaches, nectarines, and plums distributed by HMC Farms.

In its alert, the public health agency listed 11 illnesses, 10 hospitalizations, and one death across seven states.

The states include: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, and Ohio.

CDC warns of LISTERIA OUTBREAK in fruit after one person died and 10 are hospitalized across seven states..

Authorities have reported that contaminated whole fresh fruits, distributed nationwide since May 2023, originated from HMC Farms in California.

The company is known for cultivating peaches, nectarines, plums, and grapes.

Consumers across the U.S. are advised to discard any of these products and inspect their freezers for any fruits that might have been stored there.

Additionally, cleaning freezers is recommended to prevent any potential contamination.

The CDC has reported that the fruits in question were sold across the country.

While sicknesses have been recorded in only seven states, they believe there are additional cases that may have gone unreported.

From the CDC alert:

Recalled Food

Whole peaches, nectarines, and plums distributed by HMC Farms

  • Sold in stores nationwide between May 1 and November 15 in 2022 and 2023
  • Sold in 2lb bags branded “HMC Farms” or ”Signature Farms”
  • Also sold as individual fruit with a sticker that has “USA-E-U” and a number
  • Yellow peach: 4044 or 4038
  • White peach: 4401
  • Yellow nectarine: 4036 or 4378
  • White nectarine: 3035
  • Red plum: 4042
  • Black plum: 4040

Conventional fruit (not organic)

See recall notice for product images





*Images from FDA*

Per the FDA:

The HMC Group Marketing, Inc., which does business as HMC Farms, is voluntarily recalling peaches, plums and nectarines sold in retail stores between May 1 and November 15, 2022 and between May 1 and November 15, 2023. The fruit is being recalled because it has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

The recalled fruit was distributed nationwide and sold at retail stores as individual pieces of fruit bearing PLU stickers (see photos) or in consumer packaging (also shown in the attached photos) AND sold at retail between May 1 and November 15, 2022 and between May 1 and November 15, 2023.

This recall includes only conventionally grown fruit – no organic fruit is being recalled. Peaches, plums, and nectarines currently available for sale at retail stores are not included in this recall.

The recalled peaches have been linked to an outbreak of Listeriosis that has resulted in eleven illnesses.

Consumers: Although the recalled fruit is no longer available in retail stores, consumers may have frozen the recalled fruit at home for later use. Consumers are urged to check their freezers for the recalled fruit, not consume it, and discard it. Consumers with further questions can contact the company’s consumer information desk at 844-483-3867, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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