Cher took to Twitter to criticize the way White House press secretary  Sarah Sanders dresses. The intolerant liberal Hollywood activist tweeted: “Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife”

It’s a tweet she’s probably wishing she could take back, based on the slew of negative responses she got to her nasty post.

Considering some of the horrific costumes the aging Cher has subjected viewers to, she probably is the last person who should talk about another woman’s choice of clothing.

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This Twitter user blasted her, asking “Would someone please tell Cher to stop dressing like a …. Da Faq ?”

The “Deplorable AntiLiberal” really slammed her with this response to the queen of plastic surgery: “I like your music.Even before your plastic surgery.Remember the anti drug short U & Sonny made for high-schools? We knew u 2 were blasted when U made it. Be kind to other successful women. They all have a story to tell.”

Twitter user “Kim Neville” expressed her disappointment at the aged celebrity using Twitter to “bully someone over the clothes they wear.” Nevill reminded Cher that “Sadly, we lose beautiful ppl (people) to suicide because they have been shamed by bullies on the school year and online, which is what you have done.”

“grahamlee” posted a picture of Cher in her younger days when she was the mother of a young daughter. Apparently, it was okay when Cher dressed like a “sister wife”:

Many of the Twitter users pointed out that powerful women don’t need to insult other women simply because they don’t hold the same political views.

And the hits just kept coming…

And finally, “DF” sent Cher a pretty clear message from a Donald Trump bobble head:

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