A Cook County, Chicago inmate, was able to switch identities with another inmate allowing the wrong inmate to be released.

How did they carry that off without anyone catching them?

The inmate was wearing a mask when he was released, so it wasn’t as easy to identify him.

Last Saturday, Quintin Henderson (pictured below), 28, was scheduled to be released from custody for a drug charge.

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Instead, he gave his identity to another inmate, Jahquez Scott (pictured below), for a promise of $1,000, the Sheriff’s office said.

CBS Local reports that jail staff learned that something was not right when the real Henderson came to provide information for his discharge and his paperwork was missing, the Sheriff’s office said.

Now, authorities are searching for Scott. He has a record for aggravated battery to a police officer, possession of a controlled substance, and criminal trespass to land.

Henderson will not be leaving jail anytime soon after that stunt. He’s been accused of allowing another inmate to use his identity. On Tuesday, Henderson’s bond was set at $25,000-D. He’s charged with aiding escape and was ordered held without bond.

Authorities are still looking for Scott after his escape.

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