9/11 is a day when all Americans should come together as one to honor the fallen and promise never to forget what happened when terrorists killed over 3,000 people. Instead, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, George Bush decided to divide us. Shame on him.

During the speech today, George Bush nibbled around the edges to insinuate that the rally on January 6th and 9/11 terrorists are “children of the same foul spirit” and said, “We must confront them.” The Democrats have been pushing the false notion that there is a problem with domestic terrorism and have tried to gin up charges for people in the Capitol on January 6.

People like Clinton crony David Axelrod ate up the Bush speech because it seemed to legitimize the false narrative being pushed about Jan 6:

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Democrats like Axelrod have completely ignored the violence, murder, and mayhem that Black Lives Matter and Antifa committed for months on end, calling it anything BUT domestic terrorism.

Inciting hate and division is exactly what America doesn’t need right now. We just had Joe Biden divide Americans by the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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George W. Bush is pushing the narrative that Democrats are selling to America. Are you awake yet?

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