Chris Cuomo has coronavirus and is broadcasting from his basement. He said in his first interview that his initial coronavirus symptoms are very similar to the flu. Cuomo said he first thought he was dealing with flu-like symptoms…fever, chills, shortness of breath…until his doctor told him the prognosis.

He has been coming and going with his family at home but the scariest thing is he moved his mother in with him (see below).

Chris says he’s afraid for his family:

“I tested positive. Scary, yes, as you might imagine…but better me than you. My concern is what I may have put on my family, just like you would. That is hurting me way more than anything the virus can do.”

“We do not have the testing data to make real sense of our reality beyond what we know is the face of [coronavirus] for an overwhelming number who get sick. That face is mine. I tested positive.”

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Cuomo’s brother announced the news today:

Just last night, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was joking around with his brother Chris Cuomo on CNN (see below). Today is a different story…CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The big problem is that he brought his “lonely” mom to live with him during the crisis.

“Love sometimes needs to be a little smarter than just reactive” – NY Gov. Cuomo speaking about his brother during the announcement that Chris Cuomo has the coronavirus.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told his brother Chris Cuomo that having their mother stay at his house was a “mistake” because it could expose her to the virus:

Cuomo added: “He’s going to be quarantined in his basement at home. He’s just worried about his daughter and his kids – that he hopes he didn’t get them infected.”

The two were joking around last night:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just called CNN’s anchor Chris Cuomo “Mom’s little helper in the kitchen” during an interview on CNN. It’s hard to tell what’s going on with the brotherly banter in this unserious interview.

Watch below as these brothers go back and forth with jab after jab. This is news?

“Fredo” is truly a glutton for punishment with the badgering from his older brother.

“Mom’s little helper in the kitchen.”

Funny? Not funny? You be the judge.

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