According to multiple reports, the U.S. intelligence community provided at least two warnings of an “increased risk” of violence from Hamas before the attack against Israel.

One of the warnings reportedly came on September 28 regarding the possibility of Hamas launching rocket strikes into Israel.

In addition, the CIA reportedly sent a wire October 5, two days before the attack, warning of a general possibility of increased violence from Hamas.

Finally, U.S. officials on October 6 “circulated reporting from Israel indicating unusual activity by Hamas,” CNN claims.

BREAKING — US intelligence warned Israel of a potential conflict in Gaza days before the attack, CNN reports


• One update from September 28 warned, based on multiple streams of intelligence, that Hamas was poised to escalate rocket-attacks across the border.

• An October 5 wire from the CIA warned generally of the increasing possibility of violence by Hamas.

• Then, on October 6, the day before the attack, US officials circulated reporting from Israel indicating unusual activity by Hamas — indications that are now clear: an attack was imminent.

CNN reports:

None of the American assessments offered any tactical details or indications of the overwhelming scope, scale and sheer brutality of the operation that Hamas carried out on October 7, sources say. It is unclear if any of these US assessments were shared with Israel, which provides much of the intelligence that the US bases its reports on.

Israel, Gaza and the West Bank are also on a “hot spots” list included in intelligence briefings for senior officials almost daily, a person who receives the briefings said.

Intelligence assessments are written by the intelligence community to inform policy makers and enable them to make decisions.

“The problem is that none of this is new,” said one of the sources familiar with the intelligence. “This is something that has historically been the norm between Hamas and Israel. I think what happened is everyone saw these reports and were like, ‘Yeah of course. But we know what this will look like.’”

But the assessments were among a wave of high-level warnings given to the Biden administration by both its own intelligence community and Middle Eastern allies over the past year, raising questions about whether the US and Israel were appropriately attuned to the risk.

“President Joe Biden and senior White House officials were not briefed on either report, the Times reported, noting the CIA did not designate the reports as having particular significance to policymakers,” Forbes writes.

Per Forbes:

Attacks between Israel and Hamas have alternated for several years, with occasional cease-fires materializing between Israel and Palestinian militants. The on-and-off nature of the conflict has made intelligence reports from U.S. agencies regarding Israel common, though such agencies have prioritized threats from countries like China, Russia and Iran, according to the Times. Israel was also warned of a possible Hamas attack by Egypt about three days before it took place, the Guardian reported. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) told reporters Wednesday the House foreign affairs committee he chairs knew Egypt warned Israel prior to the attack, though he wasn’t sure “at what level” the warning was provided at.

An Egyptian intelligence official said Monday it warned Israel that Hamas was planning ‘something big’ before the attack from the Gaza-based terrorist group.

Israel Ignored Warnings of ‘Something Big,’ Egyptian Intelligence Official Says

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk appeared on the “PBD Podcast” Thursday and questioned how the Hamas attack occurred on Israel’s militarized border with Gaza.

Kirk described the whole country of Israel as a “fortress.”

He said most Americans don’t realize Israel was on the brink of a civil war and Netanyahu was essentially attempting to redefine the Israeli constitution.

Kirk also noted there were protests planned this week against Netanyahu and that’s all gone.

“Netanyahu now has an emergency government and a mandate to lead,” Kirk commented.


War Clandestine wrote:

I am proceeding cautiously because of what @charliekirk11 describes here.

The Israel-Gaza border is one of the most secure borders on the planet, Israel/US have some of the best intelligence on the planet, Iron Dome went down, and Israel were warned an attack might happen.


Combine this with how quickly Israel escalated and seemingly eager to remove not just Hamas, but the entire Palestinian population from Gaza.

Israeli intelligence also seem to be back working all the sudden after ignoring warnings from Egypt and failing to stop the Hamas attacks. They went from not having any idea what’s going on, to dropping air strikes all over supposed Hamas positions, taking out over 1,900 Palestinian civilians along the way (according to UN).

Cui bono? Who stands to gain from this? Certainly not Hamas or Palestine. But Israel now have the unwavering support to bomb Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, civilians, whatever the hell they want. If Israel wanted an excuse to take control of Palestinian land, it would behoove them to let an attack like this happen.

Same concept as 9/11.

Then you take into account the already massive amounts of atrocity propaganda. The beheading babies hoax significantly influenced the emotions of the world, and helped Israel convince the public that their coming response is justified, no matter how many civilians they killed with collateral damage. They have convinced much of the American public that all Palestinians are subhuman savages that deserve to be exterminated, even the children. All based on WILDLY exaggerated claims that have since been debunked. But the damage is already done.

All of these happenings are the textbook precursors to genocide, and it appears that it has already begun, and many Americans are cheering it on.

Yes, Hamas terrorists killed civilians, but if you think the story stops there, you haven’t been paying attention.

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