The Epoch Times interviewed a variety of Trump supporters waiting outside the venue in Cincinnatti with thousands of Americans to get the chance to see our rock-star president deliver a high-energy rally.

One of the men they interviewed told them that his retirement nest egg has tripled since President Trump came into office. He told the Epoch Times, “The big cry of the Democrats is he’s done nothing to help the poor, but he’s done great by me.”

This Trump supporter says Trump is not a racist and that under his leadership the economy is booming. The thing he likes most about Trump is that he actually does what he promised the American people he would do if elected.

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“I’m very excited about what he’s done, the way he’s changed the economy. I have a Master’s degree from American University back in Washington in Political Science and American Government, and I must say, this is the only president who’s done what he says he’s gonna do. I drive to his events, selling hats at his events, and all  I see is ‘help wanted…hiring’ signs.”

This Trump supporter says he and his wife love Trump because he’s not a typical politician.

“He is crude, he is rude but he has some principles that he sticks to, and we support the principles that he sticks to.  We love immigrants. We don’t support illegal immigrants, because they bleed our system. I think the best chance Trump has, is if the Democrats keep arguing. They need to try something else, besides we don’t like Trump.”


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