The City of Boulder, Colorado got a tongue lashing from people on social media after they tweeted out about the “great turnout” for Drag Queen Storytime at the Boulder Library. People on Twitter asked good questions about why their tax dollars are being used for programs like this. Good point. We’d love input on this and why it even exists in the first place. Is it an effort to mainstream the trans ideology for young children? If so, why? Just asking the questions that any taxpayer should ask…

Great turnout of families at Drag Queen Storytime at @boulderlibrary this morning

People on twitter were asking all the right questions…

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Lifezette reports that parents in Brooklyn, New York, should be outraged by the latest effort to indoctrinate their children with far-Left ideology.

In New York City, which currently recognizes 31 genders, it’s not all that surprising that schools are now inviting drag queens into the classroom to teach kids about gender fluidity.

Still, it’s shameful — and ultimately harmful to children.

Forget about core subjects such as math, reading, and writing, as progressives vie for young souls in the arena of ideology.

In a video clip recently released by videographer Sean Fitzgerald in conjunction with and the David Horowitz Freedom Center, teachers are praising the new “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

Maurice Sendak Community School, a New York public school in Park Slope, Brooklyn, hosted the book-reading drag queen, and first-grade teacher Alexis Hernandez seemed enamored with the whole idea in a testimonial published on Drag Queen Story Hour’s website, according to reporting from The Daily Caller.

“During our debrief … [students] were preaching the incredible lessons they had learned, like ‘It’s OK to be different,’ and ‘There’s no such thing’ as ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ things,” she added.


Horowitz Freedom Center explains how

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