Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently made a disgusting remark about President Trump (see below) during a statement, and now she’d like to fire a Chicago police officer who was caught on video sending the same sentiment by flipping off protesters in Lincoln Park:

“We’ll find that person and, in my view, that person needs to be immediately stripped of their police powers and start the process for firing them. We will not tolerate that kind of abusive, offensive conduct on the part of police officers. Period.”

The officer was caught on video and in a photo at the window of a police van with both hands up and his middle fingers up.

Mayor Lightfoot should fire herself then because she displayed the same behavior:

The Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot just delivered a vulgar message to President Trump today. The leftists like Lightfoot have been desperately trying to twist the president’s tweets into something racist. They’d love nothing more than to continue the destruction and division going on right now. It’s a real vote-getter for the politicians like Lightfoot who thrive on identity politics.

Maybe she’s trying to divert attention away from the record crime during Memorial Day weekend where 49 were shot and 9 killed. Instead of addressing the record crime, she chose to try and follow the lies the media told about what President Trump tweeted out. Yes, he called the violent people “thugs,” but so did Obama during the Baltimore riots. President Trump also said looting would be followed by shooting…SHOOTING FROM OTHER PROTESTERS. It’s unbelievable that he would have to clarify his tweet to say he didn’t mean that the police would shoot the looters.

During a statement today in response to President Trump’s tweets, Lightfoot directed a vulgar and classless message:

The blowback after she said this was huge. Social media let her have it:

-This right here, this disrespect for the President is exactly why these communities are filled with criminals and crime. Lightfoot is an anarchist and cares nothing about her constituents. Tyrant!

-Perhaps the mayor should focus her attention on her city’s out of control crime. She continues to fail:

-And they say this is not about getting trump. Trump did not do this. But the media and the liberals are injecting him into it because their hate for him is a cancer going through their veins.

-High class. How’s Chicago doing? Crime rate up. Taxes up. Schools excellent. Ha ha

Yes, the crime rate is up, the taxes continue to go up, and the city is still broke. Perhaps Lightfoot should stop trash-talking the president and do her job.

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