When it comes to political disagreement, things can get rather ugly.

Sure, one of the reasons for that is that there is a fundamental difference in the morals and values of the opposing sides.

Climate activists have a way of taking things to strange and extreme levels though.

Sometimes, the battles they choose to fight really don’t make much sense.

A group of enraged climate activists decided that the best way to fight for what they believe in was to take it out on Mona Lisa.


Two women went to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France and threw cans of soup at the painting, which was protected behind glass.

This comes as farmers in France continue to threaten to march on the capital as they demand better remuneration for their food production.

The two women were allegedly arrested following the incident, which was caught on video:

Here’s the big question everyone should be asking following this latest destructive act from these activists:


What does trying to destroy a painting actually do for them?

How does this stop climate change?

The Associated Press reported on the latest drama out of France:

France’s interior ministry on Sunday ordered a large deployment of security forces around Paris as angry farmers threatened to head toward the capital, hours after climate activists hurled soup at the glass protecting the “Mona Lisa” painting at the Louvre Museum.

French farmers are putting pressure on the government to respond to their demands for better remuneration for their produce, less red tape and protection against cheap imports.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin held a security meeting Sunday before potential road blockades around Paris, his office said in a statement.

Several other news agencies reported:

Our friends at Breitbart have more details:

Two climate activists threw soup at the face of Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Mona Lisa painting in Paris on Sunday morning, demanding the government promote “the right to healthy and sustainable food”.

In the latest assault on famed pieces of art for the purpose of a political stunt, two members of the “Riposte Alimentaire” (Food Response) managed to sneak cans of butternut squash soup into the Louvre Museum in Paris and hurled them onto the most famous painting in the world.

Fortunately, the Mona Lisa painting was covered with armoured glass, and therefore was apparently not damaged by the political stunt.

Unfortunately, these acts of vandalism in the name of political activism appear to have no end in sight.

This continued political tribalism will only serve to ensure that the cycle continues.

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