San Francisco has its share of environmental issues, not the least of which is a human feces crisis that’s currently plaguing their far-left city.

San Fransisco is part of the “Bay Area,” that has some of the worst air quality in the nation. In 2018, the lung association’s State of the Air report showed the Bay Area ranked sixth in the list of most-polluted metropolitan areas for short-term particle pollution and 10th in most-polluted cities for year-round particle pollution.

It only seems natural, when it comes to the hypocrisy surrounding the climate change activists, that in one of the most polluted cities in America, a massive mural of the world’s latest climate activist hero, Swedish citizen, Greta Thunberg, would be erected on the side of a building in the progressive city of San Fransisco.

Andres “Cobre” Petreselli, an internationally renowned artist, is currently painting the activist in Union Square, using several cans of aerosol paint. According to Brandon Straka, 700 cans of aerosol paint were used to create the image.

Petreselli’s creepy 4-story image depicts the dramatic teenager staring down at selfish Americans passing by.

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“What I want from people is to realize have to do something for the world,” Cobre said. “Otherwise, it’s going to be the beginning of our extinction,” he told San Fransisco CBS Local

Walk Away founder Brandon Straka claims 700 cans of aerosol paint were used to paint the mural.

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The Blaze reports – While it is unclear how many spray cans Iglesias has used, the mural spans four stories and at least one smaller project utilized 500 cans of the paint scientists say can generate asthma-inducing smog. To create the mural of the teenage climate activist, the artist used a respirator that is said to protect painters subjected to noxious fumes.


As reported in Scientific American, although most aerosol products sold in the U.S. now use propellants, such as compressed gasses and hydrocarbons that “do not deplete the ozone layer,” the use of spray cans like the one being used in the Greta Thunberg mural remain harmful to the environment.

They still contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases notorious for their contribution to global warming. Every time you hit the button, then, you are raising your carbon footprint, albeit ever so slightly.

Meanwhile, an article in World Atlas notes that even the cans themselves contribute to pollution and climate change:

The modern CFC-free aerosols still emit the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which still affect the ozone and the environment. The VOCs are the primary component of the asthma-inducing smog. Besides, the propellants in aerosol cans are highly flammable when in contact with fire and can cause explosions and start fires. Empty aerosol cans are considered as hazardous waste in the US.

Thunberg famously blasted world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit in September: “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth — how dare you!” Adding, “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

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