2017 will be an interesting year for the Clinton’s and their “charitable” foundation. It will be a year they discover how much the Saudi’s and other oppressive nations are truly interested in helping the “poor” or disenfranchised” in third world countries like Haiti. It will be a year for the Clinton’s to discover if nations who were able to buy a seat next to influential players in Obama’s government at state dinners are still interested in contributing to a dysfunctional organization that was found to have engaged in illegal activity while funding non-charity related events like Chelsea’s wedding.

It’s too bad the darn Russians and President-elect Trump, who the media insisted would never win the election, are having such a negative impact on such an upstanding charity…



The foundation has already started reaching out to donors to ask for money, the New York Post reports. Clinton Foundation chairman Bruce Lindsey announced in an email to supporters Wednesday that former President Bill Clinton would personally match donations up to $200,000 before the end of the year.

“As we prepare for a new year, President Clinton and Chelsea remain dedicated to our work providing everyone a chance to succeed,” Lindsey wrote in the email. “Your contribution before the end of the year is so important that President Clinton is personally TRIPLING every gift to the Foundation, up to $200,000.”

Interestingly, Hillary’s name is nowhere to be found.

The FBI is still investigating the Clinton Foundation for corruption and money laundering. It was a hot topic during the presidential race; Donald Trump repeatedly described the foundation as a “criminal enterprise.” Emails published by WikiLeaks exposed questionable behavior at the foundation, such as the Qatari government presenting Bill Clinton with a $1 million check for his birthday.

In the email to foundation supporters, Lindsey dismissed allegations of wrongdoing, describing the foundation as a “force for good in this world.”

We’ll see in the coming months and years if the foundation’s sketchy donors were truly committing to “saving the world,” or if they just saw the foundation as an easy way to purchase influence and access to power. –Heat Street

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