CNN’s “New Day” panel went low this morning…REALLY LOW! The different people on the panel fed off of each other’s emotion and it just went downhill from the beginning. The future of the Supreme Court following the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy was the focus but these ‘analysts’ were all over the place. The comment at the 5:12 point against Mitch McConnell calling him cocaine Mitch is just typical for these unprofessional so-called ‘analysts’…

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin decried the influence of the Federalist Society on President Donald Trump:

“It is not just abortion, it is eliminating affirmative action, it is eliminating even the possibility of any sort of gun control … The current view in the conservative legal world is you cannot regulate anything related to guns. Allowing greater use of the death penalty. Allowing religious people to exempt themselves for from the more and more government requirements,” Toobin said.

WFB reports

CNN political analyst John Avlon agreed that these judges are there to advance an agenda, arguing “activist groups” have “hijacked” the process.

“Over even just the period of the last 40 years, you had a center-right Republican tradition. They were conservative, but like Kennedy, they weren’t necessarily dogmatic,” Avlon said. “And the Court and the national unity in the Court that the Court can reflect, depends on swing justices, and there used to be a lot of them that came from Republican presidents from Nixon on. That tradition seems to have been decimated, and it’s because activist groups have effectively hijacked or outsourced the process.”


“New Day” host John Berman said Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) had “won” after getting rid of the judicial filibuster requiring 60 votes to confirm a nominee. That is how Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed in 2017, and it is highly likely to play out similarly because McConnell announced the Senate would vote on Kennedy’s replacement this fall.

“Mitch McConnell—Cocaine Mitch, as he was referred to in West Virginia, is really Champagne Mitch this morning,” Berman said. “He won. He won—there’s not even big enough three letters W-O-N to describe what he did here.”

“So much for being the institutionalist that McConnell pretends to be here,” Avlon said. “Let’s just call the hypocrisy out. This is Cocaine and Champagne Mitch—he is a on a bender, the institutionalist argument is done, he gutted it the last time around and that’s what is going to make this next nominee possible.”

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