Lights, Camera, Action! CNN tried to manufacture a scene of anti-ISIS protest BY SOME “MUSLIM MUMS” but failed. You can hear people laughing off camera towards the end of the video. You can see British media and CNN correspondent Becky Anderson staging the propaganda for the audience. It’s truly sickening to see the extent they will go to push the false narrative that these “Muslim mums” were there before the cameras got there! Unreal!

It’s all staged! The media has not only become a weapon of politicians but a propaganda machine to shape the narrative of just about anything…very scary! What is the truth if the “news” stages a scene and pretends it’s spontaneous? This is the ultimate in fake news! It’s bad enough to shape a news story on CNN by editorializing it but much worse to totally make it up and present it as fact!

Becky must go!

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