Last night, President Trump made his first appearance on CNN in years during a town hall that blew up on Twitter and in the rest of the media.

The network was forced to cut the townhall, which was supposed to air for an hour and a half short after Trump ran laps around CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins, who peppered Trump with hostile questions and repeatedly attempted to interrupt and ‘fact check’ him throughout the event.

The audience, which consisted of New Hampshire voters, was largely supportive of Trump.

MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough hilariously said that seeing the audience applaud Trump and laugh at his jokes was as bad as the unrest that occurred at the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, which they believe was a coup attempt.

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In one particularly illuminating moment, Collins lied about the President’s response to the unrest at January 6th, and the audience openly cheered for Trump as he pulled out receipts showing that he called for non-violence on multiple occasions before and after the rally.

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Now, CNN is in disarray as liberals and even their own employees criticized them for giving Trump a platform in the first place.

Former Capitol Police officer and January 6 “survivor” Michael Fanone torched his new employer in an opinion piece in the Rolling Stone for hosting Trump, saying that CNN attempted to host a town hall for the ‘guy that tried to get him killed’.

Breitbart Reports

CNN employees publicly disagreed with network head Chris Licht on whether or not “America was served” by hosting former President Donald Trump at Wednesday night’s town hall event.

The event, which was reportedly cut short due to Trump’s performance, was largely seen as a success by Trump supporters, and reportedly by Trump’s team as well.

Trump’s rare appearance on the network — highlighted by the result — did not sit well with some CNN employees.

America was served very well by what we did last night,” CNN’s CEO Licht apparently told Thursday’s 9:00 a.m. editorial call. Covering Trump is “tricky and messy” and will “continue to be messy and tricky,” he said, according to former CNN anchor Brian Stelter.

“But it’s our job,” Licht apparently added.

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