CNN Correspondent Paula Newton has labeled the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy as “sedition” and a “threat to democracy.”

Ottawa’s mayor has declared a state of emergency and described the peaceful trucker protests as a “serious danger” and a “threat to the safety and security of residents”.

On CNN’s “Inside Politics”, host John King was joined by Newton to discuss the anti-mandate protests that have been sweeping Canada. The news network showed a video of peaceful protestors chanting in a street, which Newton then proceeded to label as a threat.

“Absolutely remarkable. And just think of the language. I know it sounds familiar to you. A threat to democracy. An insurrection, sedition,” Newton said. “I want to be clear things have quieted down a bit, but that does not take away from the basic “truck-in”, right, the sit-in that’s going in right in front of the national parliament.”

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Newton also reiterated Trudeau’s view of these protestors as a “fringe minority” as he remains hidden away in isolation.

“The prime minister Justin Trudeau remains in isolation at an undisclosed location. He and his children had COVID and he’s saying, ‘look, this isn’t about me or the federal government.’ He calls these a fringe minority.”

“I also want to point out that sitting senators, at least one sitting governor are supporting these people from the United States,” continued Newton. “The police chief has a message for them: ‘Don’t. You are supporting unlawful behavior.'”

Although BLM riots burned down cities, leaving many people injured and dead, Trudeau showed unwavering support for the violent protests. No one has been injured or killed in these peaceful trucker protests.

While the Liberal media tries to incite fear and spread misinformation regarding these #TruckersForFreedom, here is what is really going on at these rallies:

Standing up and fighting for freedom should not be labeled as “dangerous” or “hateful”. However, the Left has decided that people wanting freedom is dangerous to their agenda and want to do all they can to discourage others from joining this movement.

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