CNN has been at the forefront of pushing Covid propaganda since the pandemic began.  Before that, they promoted hysterical narratives that Democracy was under dire threat because of President Trump winning the election.  Now, with CNN’s viewership continuing to plummet, CNN anchors are angry that people are no longer listening to their propaganda.  The Gateway Pundit Reports-

CNN’s Oliver Darcy is worried that many people have moved on with their lives and no longer paying attention to the Covid fear porn being churned out by the fake news media.

CNN wants everyone living in fear, huddled at home…watching CNN.

“I think this is an issue because if people are tuning out what’s going on in cable news…the general population know, they’re just, you know, ignoring everything and living their lives and we’re not really getting the information that they need to them,” Oliver Darcy said.


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Last month, CNN was caught reporting an Omicron variant death in Texas that wasn’t actually from the Covid Omicron Variant.   Dan Cohen from Mint Press News called the Harris County Public Health Department in Texas to confirm that the patient in question actually died from Covid-19, and the health department could not confirm that the patient died from Covid-19.

A CNN employee was also exposed by Project Veritas last month attempting to solicit underage girls in sexually explicit text messages.  This came on the heels of the arrest of CNN Producer John Griffin who was soliciting a 9 year old girl to perform sex acts on him.

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