The media has been exaggerating Covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations since the very beginning to justify authoritarian measures such as lockdowns and vaccine passports.  This week, CNN was caught reporting an Omicron variant death in Texas that wasn’t actually from the Covid Omicron Variant.  Dan Cohen from Mint Press News called the Harris County Public Health Department in Texas to confirm that the patient in question actually died from Covid-19, this is a transcript of the conversation:

Martha Marquez, Harris County Public Health: We can’t confirm that the person died from COVID but we can say that he was Omicron positive at the time of his death.

Dan Cohen: So he died with COVID but you can’t say he died from COVID.

Martha Marquez, Harris County Public Health: Correct. This information comes from our epidemiologists who are the ones who give the reports.



Marquez went on to say that the epidemiologists did a very “meticulous investigation” and they “cannot say  that covid was the absolute cause of death”


Covid hysteria is happening across the world to justify heavy handed measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.  UK Health Minister Gillian Keegan was forced to admit this week that there has only been one Omicron related death in the UK so far (at the time of the interview) and only ten hospitalizations, with none of the ten on ventilators.

Former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson was banned from Twitter in August for spreading covid related ‘misinformation’, many other social media accounts have been banned or suspended as well.  Will CNN and other fake news outlets be held to the same standards?

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