CNN published an “Analysis” today with the title: ‘Trump peddles unsubstantiated hope in dark times’

Social media exploded with thousands of comments calling CNN out for their negativity and constant Trump-bashing.

Henry Chinaski wrote:  “I think the country is finally coming together…in their hatred of CNN.”

The comments and snark are priceless (more below):

“He makes me feel calm. Go f*ck yourself.”

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“Without evidence, Trump claims there is hope.”

-“AYFKM with this?”

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-“No offense, but I want a little hope right about now.”

-“Can’t win because media will never be fair. They hate him more than they love our country.”

-“Anyone who does see that CNN has only one agenda, that’s being anti-Trump. Regardless of what he does, even if it’s really good. Even during a crisis. All Americans should be embarrassed by CNN.”

“Without evidence, Trump claims there is hope.”

President Trump fought back against the press today during the coronavirus taskforce update.

The press kept politicizing their questions and he handled them like a champ.

Are they journalists or activists?

The following is a perfect example of hate for President Trump no matter what he says:

Former CNN staffer sends along the following screenshot of Brian Stelter’s Twitter feed earlier today in which he attacks Trump for allegedly sowing “false hope” right after retweeting Anderson Cooper reading a poem about … hope.


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