LOL! April Ryan is losing it and so is CNN! I’m starting to worry about CNN’s “mental fitness.”

“In the beginning it was like every 25 or 30 minutes you would get the same three stories repeated,” an observer recently noted. “Now it’s the same three stories every 10 minutes.”

Okay, that’s Michael Wolff talking about Trump. But to me, it’s a much more accurate statement when applied to CNN’s coverage these days. They repeat themselves with “alarming frequency.” Just try to turn on CNN and not see the word “Russia” on the screen.

Washington Free Beacon reports on the most recent example:

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They’ve been singing this “mental fitness” tune since THURSDAY! With all of the other bombshell reports out there, you’d think they were trying to keep you from seeing the REAL news. Hummm…Uranium One, The Clinton Foundation and the weaponizing of our intel agencies for political purposes. That’s not news?


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