On September 14, 2017, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interviewed Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis. During the interview, Baldwin asked Travis about remarks made by the since-fired ESPN host Jemele Hill who called President Trump and Kid Rock ‘white supremacists’.

Travis defended Hill’s First Amendment Right but added that he felt ESPN needs to be consistent with who they retain and who they fire over controversial remarks. Travis took it one step further when he told Baldwin: “I’m a First Amendment absolutist, I believe in only two things completely, the First Amendment and boobs.” Brooke Baldwin, who previously laughed at CNN host Don Lemon when he remarked about Kathy Griffin’s “rack” on live tv, pretended to be shocked and offended by Travis’ remarks.

Baldwin responded, “Hold…hold…hold on. I just want to make sure I heard you correctly, as a woman hosting this show…What did you just say?” For added effect, far-left ESPN commentator Keith Reed shared a look of horror over Travis’ comment.


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Last night, Clay Travis called out the hypocritical, CNN network, for banning him from appearing as a host on their network, yet allowing Anderson Cooper to discuss the size of male genitalia in Hollywood, during their live 2020 New Year’s Eve coverage.

For the third year in a row, Anderson Cooper and Bravo host Andy Cohen were co-hosts in Times Square for CNN’s live show.

The two gay hosts appeared to be having so much fun together that they forgot they were on television.

During their broadcast, Bravo host Andy Cohen recalled a completely inappropriate discussion Anderson Cooper had with an unidentified woman, saying, ‘‘He’s not gonna ask me who has the biggest—bleep—of anyone I’ve ever been with, right?’”  For whatever reason, Anderson Cooper, who is arguably CNN’s biggest brand, felt it necessary to fill in the “bleep” with locker room talk.

“No, it was, she turns to be out of the blue and said, ‘He’s not gonna ask me who has the biggest cock in Hollywood, is she?” Anderson clarified.

Travis tweeted: “So @cnn banned me for saying the word boobs on air. But talking about cocks? Perfectly fine.”

So far, there have been no apologies from CNN or from CNN host Anderson Cooper about the locker room talk on live TV.

The mainstream media has also failed to report on what would’ve been a bombshell story if a conservative host on Fox News made the same vulgar remark.

The hypocrisy of Brooke Baldwin is only offended when conservatives make off-color remarks about breasts on TV.

In 2018, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin pulled off another cringe-worthy performance with co-host Don Lemon, as they spent yet another drunken New Year’s Eve in a New Orleans bar.

Watch, as Don Lemon tells former comedian Cathy Griffin that she has a “Nice Rack” while standing next to Brooke Baldwin, during CNN’s drunken 2016 New Year’s Eve coverage.

Here’s more of off-color comments made live during the CNN’s 2017 New Years Eve coverage:

When it comes to locker room remarks by CNN hosts on New Year’s Eve, the hypocritical CNN did not disappoint.

In October 2016, hypocrite Anderson Cooper grilled Melania Trump over a secretive 2005 audio tape that was released revealing locker-room talk between Donald J. Trump and Billy Bush. Although Melania Trump shrugged it off and compared the audio of Donald Trump to teenage boys talking to each other, Anderson Cooper persisted, determined to liken Trump’s locker room talk a criminal act.

The hypocrisy of the left and the far-left media is so obvious that it’s painful.


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