Despite featuring the January 6 circus hearings during primetime, CNN viewership fell another 13% in June, according to The Daily Beast. CEO Chris Licht has said the network would become a more neutral source of unbiased news. With ratings the lowest in 7 years, Licht has not been quiet about wanting to change the CNN image. CNN is currently considered the voice of the Democratic party rather than a news network focused on journalistic integrity. Licht says the network would “seek to go a different way” and be less extreme “where extremes are dominating cable news.”

The truth is CNN does not deliver the news, and Americans want the truth. That is why their viewership continues to tank.

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Since Donald Trump began calling CNN out for “fake news,” Americans have followed suit, criticizing the network, which has left CNN scrambling to retain viewers and attract new ones.

Even their failed streaming service CNN+ was shut down just one month after being launched, unable to attract a large enough customer base to survive.

Kari Lake recently roasted a CNN reporter for pushing “propaganda” when asked for an interview “I’ll do an interview, as long as it airs on CNN+ – Does that still exist? I didn’t think so”,

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