It is no secret that President Donald Trump was a ratings bonanza for media outlets who beat on him 24/7 with nearly 100% negative coverage.  In fact, even in the beginning, NBC had to admit that only 5% of Trump’s coverage by the establishment globalist media was positive–and it only went much further down from there as his presidency continued.  The media used Trump as a whipping boy to destroy America while boosting their ratings.

Now that Trump is gone, so are the ratings.

The Daily Mail Reports:

CNN is losing around a million viewers on average each night since President Donald Trump left office – and is down nearly 50% in the key 24-54 age group, a report said on Thursday.

The cable news channel had averaged 2.5 million prime-time viewers each night from November 4 through Inauguration Day on January 20, according to a Fox News analysis of Nielsen data.  

But data shows the network averaged only 1.6 million total prime-time viewers from January 21, the day after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, through March 15, according to the report.

CNN’s overall prime-time viewership, from 8pm to 11pm Eastern Time, has dropped 36% since Biden took office in January, according to Fox News. 

CNN averaged 1.7 million total daytime viewers from November 4 through January 20 and has since suffered a 34% decline, Fox News reported. CNN has averaged 1.1 million daytime viewers since Biden took office.  

Daytime viewership among the 24-54 age group dropped 44% from an average of 483,000 to only 272,000, according to the outlet.

But, it isn’t just CNN that has been declining in ratings since Trump left office.  Many Fox News viewers became disillusioned with the company after it began taking a much more negative stance against America First policies, conservatism, and Trump.  Hosts like Chris Wallace finally showed their true colors, going full-globalist during the election cycle in order to induce ratings and friction in their audience.  This led millions of Trump supporters and conservatives to tune out of Fox and into other sources like OANN and NewsMax.  But even those outlets have lost significant viewership since the election.

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What do you make of this, readers?

Is this just normal post-election refractory period in political consumption, or something more?

How do you think cable news will do in the future?

And, do you think it is healthy to focus so much on national politics while most people ignore the local politics on which they can have the greatest effect?

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