Earlier this morning, CNN’s International Correspondent Clarissa Ward appeared on the “New Day,” with hosts John Berman and Briana Keiler to discuss the shocking collapse of Afghanistan that the world is witnessing in real-time, while Joe Biden vacations at Camp David.  We actually commended the female CNN correspondent for her brave decision to remain behind in Afghanistan and report the news, as blood-thirsty Islamic terrorists have taken over the streets of Kabul while Joe Biden vacations.

We’re now having second thoughts about Ms. Ward. In a video clip recently released by the deceitful, low-ratings cable network CNN, they paint a joyful picture of smiling terrorists armed with assault weapons as they drive through Kabul, ensuring that their violent mission to turn Afghanistan into an Islamic state is complete. Either CNN’s Clarissa Ward is on board with promoting a happy picture of male terrorists who will murder and rape anyone who stands in their way, or she’s just not very smart (which may explain why she’s still there).

During the segment on the happy terrorists, Clarissa boldly proclaims:

“They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time.”

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Here’s a longer version of the video that shows how CNN is propagandizing the evil terrorists.

Earlier today, we showed incredible videos of individuals in Afghanistan who were so afraid of these bloodthirsty thugs that they risked their lives by clinging to the outside of USAF carrier, hoping it would transport them out of the Islamic terror nation.

This tweet by Scottish historian William Dalrymple brilliantly sums up the dire situation: Just seen the most heartbreaking footage from Kabul airport: terrified Afghans clinging to the undercarriage of US planes taxiing along the apron, then falling to their death, one by one, as the plane climbs. The most tragic symbol yet of the whole US betrayal of Afghanistan.

This video shows the desperate individuals and families clinging to the USAF carrier for dear life. These people are risking it all in an attempt to run away from the terrorists CNN is glorifying.


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