Last week, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward, who’s been embedded with the Taliban, was featured in a CNN segment on the resurgence of the terror group in Afghanistan. This morning, CNN’s Democrat Party spokespeople/New Day hosts, John Berman and Briana Keiler, spoke with Ward about the shocking collapse of Afghanistan that the world is witnessing in real-time, while Joe Biden vacations at Camp David.

With a horrific video rolling next to the New Day hosts of individuals clinging to a US Air Force carrier plane as it attempted to take off from the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, the Biden lackeys were forced to face a stark reality—their party and their party’s incompetent leader have just condemned an entire nation to a living hell.

Instead of asking about the hundreds, possibly thousands of individuals clinging for their lives to the USAF carrier plane, Berman asked the CNN international correspondent about the conditions of the roads coming into the airport. “Clarissa, we are looking at pictures right now—scenes from that airport at Kabul. Obviously, the frenzy of people trying to get on airplanes there. But can people even get to the airport—at this point?” he asked.

“So, we had several teams of colleagues who tried to get to the airport yesterday, and it was mayhem. Essentially, the entire road was blocked with cars,” she told Berman.

To her credit, the CNN correspondent gave an honest assessment of the critical situation. “There were scenes of chaos—this crush of people trying to get through. And then there was shooting. It’s not clear whether the shooting was targeting somebody or whether it was someone simply someone trying to scatter the crowd because the chaos was too much. As you well know, whenever you have a scene like that when you have a crush of humanity—where you have chaos–when you have bullets flying—that’s when people get hurt!” she told the CNN hosts who both appeared to be physically ill.

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Here’s just one video that is circulating on social media that shows how desperate these people are to escape the evil of the Taliban terror group:

This video shows individuals who were clinging to the plane as they fall from the aircraft and onto the runway after takeoff:

Finally, the CNN correspondent reminded everyone what the Democrat Party and all of the media hacks working on their behalf already know—the American people and the people around the world cannot unsee this disaster. “I think the images you’re seeing—seared into our minds— speak to the desperation! How desperate, how petrified does an individual have to be to risk everything—and try to physically crush yourself to the outside of an airplane? Those images of people holding on to a US Air Force Carrier—I think that’s something many Americans and people around the world will not be able to get out of their minds for quite some time,” she said.


We don’t give CNN much if any, credit, but we do give CNN’s female correspondent Clarissa Ward a lot of credit for reporting the truth about what is happening in Afghanistan and for bravely reporting from Afghanistan in possibly one of the worst periods in modern history. Please pray for her safety.

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