This morning, during the GA Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Elections hearing, Coffee County GOP Chair Cathy Latham dropped one bombshell after another. Latham began her testimony by explaining multiple issues they allegedly had with their Dominion ballot scanners in the June primary, saying, “From the get-go, we had nothing but problems.” She explained, “The scanners were messed up completely, as we were scanning—constantly having to be cleaned—they wouldn’t scan—finally, halfway through—even just trying to scan one at a time, we had all kinds of problems. We sent a city cop to a county a couple of hours away to go get an emergency scanner in the middle of the night—lights blaring—brought it back and finished the next day with a borrowed scanner.” Latham explained that she was involved with a couple of Zoom calls with Georgia’s Secretary of State, where they discussed the upcoming November 2020 election; she expressed her concern over the faulty scanners. She was told that she would get a new scanner for DeKalb County and that Georgia’s Voting Systems Manager Gabriel Sterling would ensure that her issues were addressed. DeKalb County was never given a new scanner, as promised by Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“In the meantime, in between the June and the November election, it was discovered that we could manipulate the ballot. Our supervisor of elections realized that accidentally she could click and change a ballot.” Latham told the Senate Committee, explaining that her explanation of how the votes could be manipulated was captured on video.

The video that went viral after it was released was played for members of the committee.

Latham to explain the adjudication process to GA Senate Judiciary Committee Chair William Ligon that they have the ability to see what the voter intended with their absentee or paper ballot, but voter intent with a ballot that is voted on a voter machine is “impossible to see” because they don’t have the ability to read a QR code.

Latham was asked if the hand recount matched the machine count in Coffee County, GA? She responded by saying, “The big difference came in the re-certification when we had to do the recount,” explaining “The problem was, is they could never re-duplicate what happened on election night,” adding, “and every time they ran the numbers, they got another number.” Latham told the Committee members that of the 15,000 votes, they couldn’t get the same number of votes any of the five times that they recounted them. She explained that the variance of the unmatched number of votes all five times was “around 50.”

Latham told the Committee that none of the machine counts of the votes matched the hand-count or election night results.

One of the Senate Judiciary Committee members asked her, “Do you know when you adjudicated a ballot, does the Dominion system keep a record of that—that this is what it looked like before adjudication and after the adjudication?” Latham explained that she’s not a Dominion Voting machine expert but that her supervisor cannot see any record on her end that there is any way to see what happened with the adjudicated ballots?

Latham explained that they were never able to certify the Coffee County votes after the recount. Ms. Latham explained that during the recount, as ballots with the QR codes were being scanned, they were jamming in the scanners and were set aside. Later in the day, the supervisor put all of those ballots through. She also explained that 6 of 8 counties in GA were “forced to certify” their votes, even though their numbers were off in the recount. Latham added that all of the supervisors in these counties are willing to sign affidavits to confirm that they were forced to certify their votes.

Near the end of her testimony, a Trump campaign lawyer asked Latham, “What steps the Secretary of State took when they came down to Coffee County? Latham responded, “Three people from the Secretary of State showed up with guns, and badges and handcuffs, and two Dominion tech reps.” She added, “They came with the intent of intimidation. She continued to explain, “Luckily the county attorney stayed with the supervisor so that she wasn’t by herself, and basically he said, ‘You want a recount, we’ll do a recount.'” Latham told the committee that there were no Republicans or Democrats present to watch the recount. The attorney who was with the group called on a group of high school sophomores from a private school to count the ballots. She explained that the Dominion machines wouldn’t scan the ballots and that the”Dominion reps sat on the floor for two hours with a Dominion manual trying to figure out why they couldn’t get the machines to do what they needed to do.” She ended her response by telling the attorney that even though Mr. Sterling assured her after reaching out to him by text that he would help her resolve the issue, he never helped them.

Watch, starting at the 32:35 minute mark:

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