In President Trump’s administration, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a sworn enemy of the President, is third in the line of succession for the President of the United States.

Everyone knows that if President Trump resigns, is impeached or God forbid, dies after being infected with a bizarre virus that emanated from a biosafety level-4  virology laboratory in Communist China while in office, Vice President Pence would take over as President of the United States.

But what happens if Vice President Mike Pence died after becoming infected with the same virus?

This has never happened before, but as outlined in the Constitution, in this scenario, the presidency would be passed to the speaker of the House, then to the president pro tempore of the Senate, and the line of succession goes all the way to the secretary of Homeland Security.

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On special occasions when all of the members of the line of succession are gathered together in one place, such as the State of the Union address, one of them – a “designated survivor” – does not attend. This is so that if there were to be some sort of a terrorist attack on the Capitol, at least one member of the line of succession would survive and would be able to lead the country, even if they might be a secretary of Agriculture or Health and Human Services with little executive experience.

A video of Speaker Pelosi sharing the contents of her commercial freezer, filled with gourmet ice cream, while millions of Americans were out of work and panicking about how they would feed their families, was shared by President Trump on his Twitter account on April 17. In his tweet, President Trump told the “incompetent political hack” to “Come back to Washington & take care of our great American workers.”

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On May 7, President Trump’s Navy Valet had tested positive for COVID-19.

On May 8, Vice President Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, wife of President Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller tested positive for COVID-19.

Yesterday, The Hill reported that Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant has tested positive for COVID-19.

Yahoo News is reporting that at least 11 U.S. Secret Service agents have tested positive for COVID-19. According to a DHS document, there are 23 members of the Secret Service who have recovered from COVID-19 and an additional 60 employees who are self-quarantining.

This morning, during an interview on Meet the Press, White House Economic advisor Kevin Hassett admitted that he’s afraid to go to work after Pence’s Press Secretary Katie Miller and a White House aide (Trump’s Navy valet) tested positive for COVID-19.

So, where has Speaker Pelosi been hiding, while President Trump and Vice President Pence are working tirelessly to address the Wuhan virus pandemic in America, and to prevent our nation from economic collapse? Where is the woman behind the bogus impeachment of President Trump, who openly despises him and his administration? Where is the person who is third in line for President of the United States?

President Trump and House Republicans have been pressuring Speaker Pelosi to reconvene the House. The Senate went back to Washington, D.C., this week, but Nancy Pelosi has postponed the return on the advice of the Capitol physician.

Marisa Schultz of Fox News‘reports – The House is expected to come back next week to pass a multitrillion-dollar effort to help Americans hard-hit by the economic and health crisis. But unlike the previous four relief packages that had broad bipartisan support, this legislation is proving more contentious.

In a C-SPAN interview that aired Friday night, the animosity between Pelosi and Trump was on display. Anchor Steve Scully asked Pelosi whether Trump is part of the coronavirus legislation negotiations.

“I don’t have any idea what the President does,” Pelosi said.

“He said that the House is on vacation,” Scully responded.

“You know what — don’t waste your time or mine on what he says,” Pelosi shot back at the C-SPAN anchor.

Americans should be asking why the Senate was able to come back to D.C., while the House, under the leadership of the woman who is third in line for the presidency, remains hidden in her CA mansion?

Do the Democrats have a plan to keep Nancy Pelosi isolated from the general population as long as possible?

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