Jenn M. Jackson is a professor at Syracuse University and decided to use the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to trash America. Is it any wonder that college students are turning into commies who hate America?

She tweeted out her hate for America and then locked her account soon after she posted. Could it be because she was immediately flooded with people who slammed her for the tweet blaming America for the attack on 9/11?

One response questioned her Ph.D.:

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She should be fired for her irrational hate for America and the white race:

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Jackson tweeted that she is ‘disturbed’ by how many ‘white pundits’ still talk about 9/11 and then tweeted out blaming America for 9/11:

Joe Concha ripped Syracuse for employing this hateful woman:


Do professors in a position of authority teaching students have a right to spew their personal radical hate for America?

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