He was given the option to kneel in protest before the game, but it was more important for him to take a stand against our President for bravely taking a public stance in defense of our flag and for our veterans…

A liberal arts college in eastern Pennsylvania cut its backup quarterback after he knelt during the national anthem.

Albright College in Reading cut Gyree Durante from its team after he took a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to the paper, the school promised consequences if players took actions different than those made in a special agreement.

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The team’s “leadership council” decided that the squad would take a knee during the pregame coin toss, but stand for the national anthem.

“I knew the consequences. I knew that if I took a knee, that there would be a good chance that I would be kicked off.”

“I didn’t like the whole taking a knee during the coin toss, I just thought it defeated the whole purpose of kneeing for the anthem. I get the whole team unity thing, but at the end of the day, I also thought that we should be allowed to be individuals, and express ourselves.”

“The week before, I was watching NFL football, and I happened to see some of the remarks by President Trump about, uh, regarding NFL players taking a knee during the anthem, and he said that they should be fired, they should be kicked off and things like that. I already knew that it was an issue with, all of the racial and social injustice and you know, police brutality among African Americans and things like that.  But when I heard the President say something about it, and, it was very negative, it just kinda struck a nerve with me and it made me think, if this is how the President feels,  then Idefinitelyy need to take a need and protest this.” (Go here for video)

After Durante knelt, the Division III Lions went on to lose to Delaware Valley University, from nearby Doylestown, by 41-6.

Durante’s name was wiped from the team roster and a college spokesperson said in a statement obtained by ESPN that the Norristown, Pa. native was dismissed for his actions. – FOX News


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