The University of Central Florida has a socialist club that just held an event that crosses the line on hate and indoctrination:

The Knights for Socialism held an event where they allowed students to bash Pinatas with the faces of President Donald J. Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and presidential advisor Steve Bannon.

East Orlando Post obtained exclusive footage from UCF College Republican Douglas Mactye, which includes disturbing content involving an elementary to middle school aged student yelling “Kill Trump.” The young children were being encouraged to hit the Pinatas by members of the Knights for Socialism for the duration. The “Killl Trump” segment can be seen during the ninth minute of the video:

The footage also shows a bearded man wearing an “Antifa International” sweatshirt, presumably monitoring the event for the Knights for Socialism. Antifa has been responsible for violent Anti-Trump riots across the country that have resulted in millions of dollars in damage, vicious beatings of Trump supporters, and even shutting down Milo Yiannopoulos’ campus talk at Berkeley.

In an interview to campus based mainstream news source Knight News, Knights for Socialism president Dylan J. Tyer claimed the event was not negative at all and completely welcoming. “There’s been no negativity by any means but definitely a lot of interest and a lot of good conversations with people.” However, Tyer is clearly seen in our exclusive footage yelling about “Beating Pete Sessions’ face in,” among other violent profanities.

Justin York, a UCF alumnus who once served as Chairman of the UCF College Republicans labeled the event as “extremely hypocritical” and a “red flag.” “I think it is shocking that the university would permit a group of students to hang pinata-type effigies of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be beaten and battered.

Video, captured by the East Orlando Post, documents a group of children showing up to the event and asking if they can hit the piñatas and if they can also kill Trump.


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