Angry students at Miami University-Hamilton decided to deface and attack a pro-life display on campus.  The incident is  under investigation after video of students attacking a Cemetery of the Innocents came out. Notice what the students nearby do while their fellow student is vandalizing the pro-life exhibit…NOTHING!

As it turns out, this isn’t the only time destruction of a pro-life display on campus has taken place (see below).

Students for Life reports:

The display went up at 2 pm on Sunday, April 8th, and around 11:15 am today, the signs were attacked by the student. The group has reported the incident to campus security, who said they have identified the students and the university is investigating.

Ellie Wittman, the former president of Miami University-Hamilton Students for Life and the plaintiff in the successful lawsuit, helped the group with the display. Wittman now attends the main Miami University-Oxford campus.

Wittman said in a statement, “It’s discouraging to see students so upset at free-speech and pro-life views they feel the need to vandalize our display. However, we are encouraged by the university’s quick response to the incident and their support for our display.”

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America responded to the vandalism, saying, “We are glad that after standing up for their free-speech rights against their university that students are not being intimidated by pro-choice students who are vandalizing their display. Students for Life appreciates the school’s willingness to help with this issue and demands other schools facing the same threats to free-speech support their students against vandalism.”

Recently, Students for Life groups at University of Texas-San Antonio and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville have seen their displays vandalized as well.


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