Ten days after a train carrying toxic chemicals was derailed and exploded in Ohio, another train carrying hazardous materials has been derailed in Texas near the Houston area.

On Monday, shortly before 7:30 am, an 18-wheeler drove into a Union Pacific train, derailing 21 of its cars between the towns of Cleveland and Splendora. The truck’s driver died from injuries sustained in the crash, but no additional fatalities or injuries were reported.

A Hazmat team was brought to the site to monitor air quality in the area following the collision.

In contrast to the toxic aftermath of the derailment in Ohio, Lt. Troy Teller of the Splendora Police Department told the public that there isn’t a need for major concern regarding the potential release of toxic chemicals.

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“From what we’re being told and shown, there’s no major chemicals to be concerned about,” said Teller. “It’s more so household chemicals on board for retail purposes. It’s not a large quantity from what we’re being told.”

Union Pacific spokesperson Robynn Tysver reported that an estimated 100 gallons of diesel fuel were released by the truck that caused the crash.

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One of the potential explanations for such a major collision is that there are no railroad crossing arms or warning lights at the railroad crossing, simply a railway crossing yield sign.

“The 18-wheeler was attempting to cross that section when he made contact with the train,” said Teller. “It’s undetermined whether the horn was blown or not.”

Meanwhile, as more toxic chemicals are revealed to have been on the train that derailed and exploded in East Palestine, Ohio, many people are beginning to question the widespread effects it will have on residents in the region.

One of the toxic chemicals that was leaking from the Ohio train was vinyl chloride which could allegedly cause acid rain in areas within a 200-mile radius.

It has also been reported that this chemical has contaminated the Ohio River which supplied drinking water to over 5 million people. There have also been reports of animals in the area dropping dead.

Journalists trying to report on the lingering effects of the explosion and subsequent release of hazardous chemicals have reportedly been arrested, and residents are reporting side effects that would suggest unsafe air contamination.

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