A message from a 100% FED UP mom to her Facebook friends:

Dear friends,

I donated to two presidential campaigns this year, Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. I voted for Rand Paul in the straw poll at the Republican convention on Mackinac Island, MI in September. I am proud to say that today, I am 100% behind Donald Trump. I am actually looking forward to watching him CRUSH Hillary in the general election.

After watching Barack Hussein Obama serve as our cowardly, racist, incompetent, Divider In Chief for eight long years, I’m ready for a President with courage and the ability to make this country truly great again. I want someone who tells the free loaders, drug dealers and gang members from Mexico and Central America they’re not welcome here anymore. I want a border that cannot be penetrated, and if it is, I want our Border Patrol agents to be able to do the jobs they were trained to do. I want a President who isn’t afraid to say we need to address the issue of unchecked immigration into our country from Muslim majority nations who want to destroy our way of life. I want a President who won’t run to the golf course after an innocent American is beheaded or lie to Americans about a video after four brave Americans are killed…all because his Secretary of State wouldn’t give them what they needed to survive in Benghazi. I want a President who will heal the racial divide our current President instigated with his former DOJ and his inner circle of race baiters for hire. I want a President who will unleash our natural resources so we won’t have to be dependent on ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Iran for oil. I want a President who won’t visit communist countries and spend the afternoon watching baseball with brutal dictators, behaving as though he was spending the day with the Pope. I want a President who respects the hard work of EVERY man and woman in America, and understands that in order to achieve the American dream, we need to work hard and make a few sacrifices. I want a President who refuses to allow the media to control the narrative. I want a President who has raised a family he can be proud of and for that matter, that America can be proud of. For all those reasons and many, many more, I am excited that Donald J. Trump will be the Republican candidate for President.

As a side note, I’m also looking to clean up my friends list. If any of my Facebook “friends” feel it is more important to thump their chests and demand that they will never vote for Trump (or in other words, that they will support Hillary) kindly hit the un-friend button at the top of my page. I’m on the side of America, and I’m choosing to support a man who loves his country so much that he’s wiling to walk away from everything he’s worked so hard to build in order to save us. Trump didn’t ask to walk through barricades to get away from hateful liberals in CA who would like harm him. He didn’t ask for Soros funded freaks to follow him wherever he goes, threatening violence against him and his supporters. He could be sitting in Trump Towers working on multimillion dollar deals, but God chose a different path for him and he accepted the challenge. I am grateful to him for the sacrifices he and his family will make, and I will pray that God keeps him safe, healthy and strong. Most of all, I will pray that he brings jobs back to the millions of unemployed Americans who have given up hope on ever finding a job. I will pray that he follows through on his promise to help our veterans to get the best health care America has to offer. And finally, I will pray that he rebuilds our military and gives our soldiers the ability to fight to win, and to keep the greatest nation in the world safe and prosperous for generations to come.

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There is no time to waste with petty bickering. While I understand there will be a lot of hard feelings amongst Ted, Carly and Marco supporters, it’s time to come together now for the good of our country.

Bill Clinton is walking around in a state of mostly confusion, while Hillary is traveling with a full-time physician. In addition to being the MOST crooked candidate to ever run for President, she is not well. She will likely chose the old Socialist Bernie Sanders as her running mate to shore up the young voters she cannot persuade to support her campaign. Sadly, Hillary knows she can’t win without the “I just want free-shit” vote. Together, they will destroy more businesses, as they increase EPA regulations to fight a phony climate change war. They’ll decrease spending for our military in order to reallocate funds to more social programs and programs designed to tighten the screws on our law enforcement, making it nearly impossible for them to do their jobs. The conditions at our VA hospitals will worsen, as our tax dollars will be used to pay for free college for young people who have no clue what it means to selflessly serve their country. There will be a push for gun control like we’ve never seen before in America, and we will witness some of the most radical Supreme Court picks who will wholly support their progressive agenda. Meanwhile, people who have the ability to stop another four years of Obama will be proudly tweeting #NeverTrump, as though we should admire them for their courage to stand up for their “principles!”

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I have three young daughters. I won’t give up this fight until I know we have a President who takes the threat of Sharia Law in America seriously. For anyone who thinks that can’t happen, London is on the verge of electing a radical Muslim as their next Mayor, as I write this rant.

When November rolls around, I’ll be supporting a candidate who isn’t worried about hurting the feelings of a radical Muslim with a suicide vest in his suitcase, as he travels (at the expense of the American taxpayer) to his new taxpayer funded home in my neighborhood. It’s time to wise up and start coming together like the Democrats do after each and every primary. It’s time to try something new…it’s called “winning.” #NeverHillary!


– Patty

100% FED UP! mom

Andrew Breitbart gave this speech only weeks before he died. His words have never been more relevant than they are today:

“There are two paths…one is America and the other one is “Occupy” (Black Lives Matter). Black, White, gay and straight…anyone that’s willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive Left, I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate… more than shame on you…you’re on the other side!” -Andrew Breitbart

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