All hell broke loose after WH social media director Dan Scavino tweeted out a clip of Joe Biden speaking to a crowd in Kansas City, Missouri, last weekend.

The Biden supporters went wild over the fact that the clip (see below) from Biden’s speech was cut short.

The Democrats wanted the entire video clip but will regret calling attention to this speech by Biden. The entire speech is full of gaffes and a bumbling Biden. It’s frightening that the Deep State is pushing this man to the forefront.

The specific statement from Biden begins at the 9:50 point in the video. The entire video is worth watching to see just how diminished this man has become. It’s sad and shameful.


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The irony is that the entire video is much worse than the clip Scavino tweeted out.

The clip in question is below:

“If you want a nominee who will bring this party together, who will run a progressive, positive campaign, and turn, turn this primary from a campaign that’s about negative attacks into one that’s about what we’re for — because we cannot get — re-elect — we cannot win this re-election — excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump…

Biden pauses and stares out into the crowd for a moment. He then adds the part that Scavino left out:

— if, in fact, we get engaged in this circular firing squad here. Gotta be a positive campaign, so join us.”

Another problem with the outrage about the clip from Scavino is that Democrats have an ad out right now that does the exact same thing to President Trump:

Watch the video below:

Twitter used its “manipulated media” tool on Dan Scavino:

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