On Sunday, Bob Saget, the popular “Full House” actor, and comedian was found dead in his room by a Ritz-Carlton hotel worker around 4 PM.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department tweeted about Saget’s death, saying they found no evidence of foul play:

Moments before he was found dead in his hotel room, Saget posted a message on Twitter about how he loved tonight’s show in Jacksonville, FL. In his tweet, he said he was “happily addicted again to this shit,” in his tweet. He added a link for his followers to find his upcoming 2022 show dates.

Yesterday, we shared a December 13 Instagram post video where the comedian posted an interesting conversation with a guest calling into his podcast. In the Instagram clip, Saget tells the fan he just got the [COVID] booster.

In the description of his December 13 podcast episode on Instagram, he explains how he’s trying to give fans some “solace” over the divisive COVID topic by injecting some humor into their lives.

Here’s the video of Saget’s conversation where he says, “I went to the pharmacy the other day, and I got the booster shot.” He added, “I should’ve gotten it in my arm, but I got it in my butt, so I’m in pain.”


Here’s his original Instagram post (watch it before it gets deleted!)


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Although it may take weeks for the cause of Bob Saget’s death to be determined, law enforcement sources have told TMZ they see signs pointing to a sudden medical emergency — specifically a heart attack or stroke.

TMZ reports – authorities involved in the investigation say the position in which Bob’s body was found and a lack of evidence supporting drug use or foul play are the main reasons they suspect a heart attack.

Investigators say he got into his hotel room at 2:17 AM — and when his body was discovered in the room at 4 PM, all lights were off without any indication of a disturbance or issue in the night.

Ritz-Carlton Orlando Hotel Room – Yelp photo.

The Orange Co. M.E.’s Office says it could take 10-12 weeks to complete their report and that the final cause can’t be determined until the medical examiner gets the toxicology report.

TMZ sources say authorities are exploring Bob’s revelation last week that he’d recently battled COVID-19.

Bob Saget appeared on a podcast called “A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan” just last week and revealed he had already caught the ‘rona. He wasn’t specific about exactly when, but it sounded kinda recent, considering he was humorously debating whether he had omicron or delta.

If he recently had COVID, why in the world would Saget have gotten a booster shot around the December 13 timeframe, according to his own podcast?

Could the booster shot have something to do with Saget’s unexpected death? Will we ever know the truth?

If Saget already had COVID-19, why did he get a booster shot?

Bob Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, recently posted a photo of the happy couple celebrating Christmas together in Chicago on her Instagram account.

The CDC is still pushing people to get booster shots, even if they’ve been recently infected and have natural immunity.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that fully vaccinated individuals who are not boosted but test positive for COVID-19 get their booster shot “after recovering from a breakthrough infection, no longer show symptoms and meet the criteria for discontinuing isolation,” Dr. Sandra Adams, a professor of biology and virologist at Montclair State University, told NJ Advance Media.

For fully vaccinated people who test positive and are asymptomatic, Adams says you “should still wait until the quarantine period has ended to get the booster.”

We are only presenting this information to protect this important article from being labeled “fake news” by the Democrat Party’s “fact-checkers.”

Remember, keeping individuals in a constant state of fear is the only way to ensure Americans accept the Democrat Party’s ripe-for-fraud universal mail-in-voting scheme as a permanent way of voting.

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