Last night, billionaire Democrat presidential candidate, Mike Bloomberg, appeared on a Fox News town hall event, where he was given a considerable amount to explain to the Fox News audience how he would handle the coronavirus scare that’s consuming the nation.

It didn’t take Mike Bloomberg long to prove that he’s only giving lip service to the little people and that the same rules about washing your hands and being careful not to spread germs to others don’t apply to him.

In what can only be described as an incredible moment of stupidity, billionaire buffoon Mike Bloomberg posted a video of himself picking through a pizza box meant for campaign workers in Virginia. In the video that Bloomberg posted to social media, the billionaire can be seen grabbing a piece of pizza, ripping the crust off with his fingers and throwing it back into the box.

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Bloomberg doesn’t stop with throwing a piece of crust he’s touched with both hands back into the community pizza box, he then steps away from the box and proceeds to lick every one of his fingers!

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Two days ago, a video of a man drinking out of a soup ladle in a specialty food market went viral. Americans were furious to see the inconsiderate shopper who could potentially infect hundreds of people by slurping soup from a public soup bar.

The only difference between the man in the video above and Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is that the man seen in the video above is not trying to convince Americans what they need to do to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Just when everyone thought the stupidity of Joe Biden was unmatched in the field of Democratic presidential candidates…

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