Scumbag FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed today that the same supervisor that led the investigation in to Whitmer’s kidnapping is heading up the January 6th investigation.

The revelation came as he testified in front of the Senate where Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) grilled him on the internal corruption in the FBI.

The fact that Steven M D’Antuono, who led the FBI’s Detroit Field Office during the Gretchen Whitmer case, is now leading the January 6th investigation would make perfect sense.

In both cases, the FBI allegedly entrapped defendants through the use of informants that induced people to carry out illegal behavior.

The FBI has still refused to disclose the truth about informant Ray Epps who was a lead instigator during the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally but has not been indicted for any crime.

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The FBI similarly used informants in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case to plan and finance the entire scheme.

In both cases, the FBI and government suppressed evidence that would vindicate the defendants.

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Today, news broke that the Department of Defense may have wiped text messages showing that President Trump requested the presence of the National Guard at the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

“Earlier today dirtbag FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted that the supervisor who headed the agency’s Detroit Field Office when FBI operatives allegedly entrapped people into planning to kidnap Michigan’s governor is currently in charge of the D.C. Field Office.

Director Wray told Senator Ted Cruz, “[Steven M.] D’Antuono was the special agent in charge of the … Detroit field office and is now the assistant director in charge of the Washington field office.”

Steven D’Antuono was leading the Michigan Whitmer entrapment scheme that was concocted by the FBI to damage Donald Trump, make wretched Governor Whitmer look sympathetic, and to ruin the lives of several poor Michigan men in order to prop up the Democrat Party.

The Governor Whitmer kidnapping case, which we now know was comprised of virtually all FBI agents and informants, took a devastating hit last August when one of the six defendants produced text messages showing an FBI field agent telling an informant to lie, frame an innocent man and delete text messages.”

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