On Monday, the trial for Jan 6 defendant Couy Griffin began to determine if he is guilty of illegally entering the grounds of the US Capitol on Jan 6.

48-year-old Couy Griffin, who is a county commissioner, pastor, and founder of ‘Cowboys for Trump’, is the second person out of hundreds to be tried with charges related to Jan 6.

Couy Griffin, 48, arriving at the courthouse

He is notably one of the few defendants who is not being accused of entering the Capitol building, nor of demonstrating violence or destructive behavior.

Rather, Griffin is facing two misdemeanor charges: (1) entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and (2) disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds. Both charges carry a one-year maximum sentence.

Griffin requested, and was granted, a bench trial, which allows a judge to make a ruling on the case without a jury. Two other Jan 6 defendants chose to have this type of trial as well.

The first witness in the trial was Matthew Struck, Griffin’s friend and videographer at the Capitol on Jan 6. Struck agreed to testify against Griffin in court in exchange for immunity.

Outside the courthouse, far-Left reporter Scott MacFarlane, and one of the leaders of the Jan 6 witch hunt, tried to get a reaction out of Griffin by asking him an idiotic question.

“Commissioner, you stand here on trial… Do you have regrets now about January 6th, being a part of it?” MacFarlane asked.

“No,” replied Griffin. “I don’t live a life of regrets.” But Griffin, who recognized MacFarlane for his well-known obsession with Jan 6 and those on trial from that day, took the opportunity to tear into the left-wing reporter for his narrow focus on the Jan 6 defendants, when so many others pose a real threat to the American people.

Griffin Couy talking to reporter Scott MacFarlane outside the courthouse

Griffin inquired into why MacFarlane was so obsessed with Jan 6, when there are real criminals – specifically pedophiles – in the US who are abusing children and have yet to be brought to justice.

“I also know that you’re one of the biggest hit jobs out there… But, ya know, I’m not a fan of you. You come after me whenever we have Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew and all these other pedophiles in America that are abusing children, and you’re so focused on January 6th? Why don’t you advocate for Prince Andrew to be extradited back to my home state of New Mexico to face charges – criminal charges – on pedophilia.”

“So you don’t have regrets about being part of January 6th?” MacFarlane asked again, totally ignoring Griffin’s valid questions.

In response, Griffin reiterated his initial point before walking away:

“It’s too bad that you’re not more concerned about pedophiles in America than you are people that crossed over onto the Capitol.”

Watch the video below (posted by MacFarlane):

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