A video on Twitter of a car moving down a central street in downtown Philadelphia shows the extent of the damage to the retail stores in the area.

It’s hard to believe until you see it in the video. Store after store is destroyed. As the video continues past destroyed stores, looters are seen running from a store with stolen goods. No police are in sight. The mayor of Philadelphia tried to blame President Trump for this today, but anyone with half a brain knows this is all due to the inept leadership from Democrats.

We’re just coming out of the pandemic and then these businesses are hit with looting and destruction.

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Earlier today, the inept mayor of Philadelphia tried to blame all of this on President Trump:

The Philadelphia Mayor came out today to give a statement, and it’s no surprise that another liberal mayor throws President Trump under the bus for his own mismanagement. He had the audacity to blame President Trump for the sixth day of rioting in the city.

Nice way to scapegoat Mayor Kenney.

Listen to this inept mayor who hasn’t done a thing to stop the destruction of the city for six days:

President Trump responded by telling the inept mayor to get the National Guard in there STAT. The mayor reportedly has now called in the National Guard, but it may be too late.



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