Disgraced luggage thief and former Biden administration employee Sam Brinton is apparently also a religious bigot.  It has been revealed that Brinton has also led a transgender Anti-Catholic organization.

Sam Brinton

The anti-religious drag queen group is known for mocking the catholic church and is called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They are based in San Francisco and have faced backlash following their participation in Dodger’s upcoming gay pride event.

Liz Wheeler tweeted, “Wowww Sam Brinton, the creepy “non-binary” sexually deviant “pup handler” luggage thief from the Joe Biden administration was the D.C. chapter chief of the grotesque transgender stripper group “sisters of perpetual indulgence.

Bishop Robert Barron is pushing back on the overt religious prejudice aimed at Catholics and is calling for action. He has urged Catholics in Los Angeles to boycott the Dodgers for inviting the anti-catholic group to their pride night.

The bishop said, “Let’s not just pray but make our voices heard in defense of our Catholic faith.”

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According to Liz Wheeler, Brinton goes by the pseudonym Sister Ray Dee O’Active, when participating in the derisive group. The “sisters” group dresses up like catholic nuns, mockingly describing themselves as dedicated to the “promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt.”

Instead of standing up against the anti-Christian drag queen group, the Dodgers, who initially disinvited the group, caved to pressure and re-invited them, issuing an apology.

The Dodgers are now hosting a “Christian Faith and Family Day” where participants are encouraged to “stay after the game to celebrate and be part of a day of worship.”

Twitter user and right-to-life advocate Lila Rose rebuked the Dodger’s decision to host the drag queen group. She said hosting a faith day does not make up for hosting an anti-Christian hate group,

“This doesn’t make up for publicly, sexually degrading nuns and sponsoring an anti-Christian hate group. @Dodgers To make real amends, apologize, cut ties with the LGBT hate group you awarded, and donate some of your significant revenue to real sisters who are serving the poor.”


Another Twitter user posted a video of former fans burning Dodger merchandise, saying Latinos fear God, “Shame on you Dodgers for caving to the alphabet mafia,” they continued, “You showed what your true feelings are towards Christians and Catholics through this total disrespect; we love God over a game.”

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