SENATOR TED CRUZ is in a battle in Texas with Beto O’Rourke to keep his Senate seat. Cruz was at a town hall in Amarillo, Texas when a Beto supporter inadvertently just won more votes for Cruz!

“That exchange right there is what this whole campaign is about!”

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Beto O’Rourke protester yelling in town hall on gun control. Texan man- “Come and take it!” Beto guy, “We will!” Then said, That exchange right there is what this whole campaign is about! Crowd explodes.

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Here’s a complete video that includes the heckler yelling out:

At the 46:00 point in the video below, Senator Ted Cruz brings up the second amendment. Someone yells out “come and take it!” to which a supporter of his opposition says, “oh, we will!” Senator Cruz shoots back and the crowd goes crazy! This is what sums up the entire election in Texas! Vote Cruz!

Cruz goes on to say that his opponent was given an “F” rating by the NRA.

This race is said to be very close but we’re hoping Texas voters reject gun control and reject Beto O’Rourke!

The two candidates brag about their polar opposite positions on guns. O’Rourke tweeted out his “F” rating from the NRA like it was a badge of honor. Cruz received an “A” rating.

O’Rourke is using social media like a champ and is all over the place with tons of energy. He’s working hard but do voters really know his policies? This is the “Obama effect” at work…baffle them with BS and smile through the appearances. He’s counting on the clueless youth vote to win the election for him. Beto wants to take away guns and open up the borders…What could possibly go wrong?


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