A Democrat candidate brought up the issue of birth certificates during a rally with Barack Obama. There’s some irony for you!

DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE Donna Shalala, a Clintonite rechurn candidate, made a bizarre request during a speech in Miami playing to the crowd by demanding to see President Trump’s birth certificate.

“Is Donald Trump an American? Will someone please check his birth certificate! He certainly isn’t from here. We don’t fear immigrants, we are them!”

Americans don’t fear LEGAL immigrants…it’s the invasion at our southern border of ILLEGAL immigrants that’s not ok.

“Is President Trump an American? Let’s check his birth certificate — but he sure doesn’t act like one! Let’s send him back to Mar-A-Lago on Tuesday licking his wounds.”

We presume that this was an attempt to mock President Trump in some way. It was a line only a Democrat could love…

President Trump’s birth certificate was released way back in 2011 so this was a way of mocking President Trump.

Shalala is in a battle for a Congressional seat in Flordia’s 27th district against a Republican who just so happens to be a Cuban-American. Shalala is a former Clinton administration cabinet secretary. Maria Elvira Salazar is a former broadcast journalist.

The candidates were in a dead heat with the seat now leaning to the Democrats.

How in the world can a Clintonite win over a Republican?



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