A cyber analyst shared alarming insights into the scandal-ridden voting software Dominion. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, this voting system should not be used for US elections. There should be no denying that there are huge gaping holes in the system that could switch votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

How easily could bad actors have used Dominion to switch thousands of votes and alter an election county by county?

The answer is shocking. One America News spoke with Ron Watkins, a large systems technical analyst who has been pouring over the Dominion System’s manual.


“So I was looking at this manual with the mindset of a penetration tester of which I am. I’m reading the manual with a discerning eye and trying to figure out which parts of the system could be abused by end-users.  The physical security of the device is the first step to security. If you can’t secure the physical device, then you have no security. It’s impossible to have security if you don’t secure the physical device working off the Dominion manual and public request documents…”

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Watkins says the vulnerabilities of Dominion reside in the fact that administrative access is so easy to attain:

President Trump tweeted out the video and called it “Dominion-sizing” the Vote”:


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