As an Olympic skateboarder, Bryce Wettstein doesn’t mind competing against transgender women, her dad Max says. But he minds. Women’s skateboarding was only recently accepted into the Olympic Games in 2020.

According to Daily Mail Wettstein is speaking out against transgender women being able to compete in women’s sports. He believes his daughter’s generation is too tolerant. And that it is costing them opportunities to grow in their sports.

Max, 52, says it’s a dangerous attitude that may cost young, promising athletes more than they think.

“So many people are afraid of being canceled or being labeled a bigot and it’s a tough thing to read. Bryce is all about love and she’s in the moment.

But I care. I have two daughters and they compete in three different sports and we’re seeing this not just in skateboarding.”

Max, his wife Donna and their two daughters

“As a dad and as a man, I care. I am totally accepting of trans people but there has to be something done when it comes to competition” he said.

Wettstein, who previously served in the Navy, said that while he “100 percent does not speak” for his daughter, he fears some kids may be too frightened to speak up on the issue because they may risk losing sponsorship.

“They are not advocating for themselves. You don’t know which way the sponsor is going to take it.

I am speaking up and I do not think it is right or fair.

I personally feel like it’s just another way for a biological man to marginalize women.

They work so hard to get equal pay and here a biological man can come and claim the prize money, it’s unfair.

Again, I’m not transphobic, it’s nothing against them, but I feel like they should have their own division.

I’m in favor of having men’s, women’s, and co-ed for people to choose from.

And I feel like feminists should be talking more about this.”


As of now, there are not any transgender athletes on the women’s Olympic team. But that could change. Ricci Tres – a 29-year-old, recently claimed the first prize after defeating a 13-year-old girl in a skateboard competition.

“I’m not going to go and be easy on them because they’re kids. It’s funny it’s what I am getting beat up over the most, people saying ‘you’re beating little kids, little girls!’”

29-yr-old Ricci Tres with his children before and after trans surgery

Ricci Tres, a vet, and father of 3 children, when interviewed by Daily Mail about having an advantage said,

“I don’t think I have a physical advantage. Look at me. I’m not buff or anything,” Tres says while laughing.

“A 29-year-old man will beat a 13-year-old girl in pretty much anything except text messaging,” Says Fox Host Jimmy Failla.

Ricci Tres has drawn criticism as a cheat.

Skateboarder Sarah Silverman agrees with Max and is sick of being “bullied into silence” when it comes to competing against biological men. She recently participated in an event #ourbodiesoursports to advocate for protecting women’s sports.

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