Sen Cornyn has introduced a bill to increase protection for Supreme Court Justices as Sen Hawley weighs in on left wing intimidation tactics

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has introduced a bill to increase protections of Supreme Court Justices and their families after radical leftists doxxed conservative Justices and called for protests outside of their homes due to the leaked draft indicating that Roe v Wade will be overturned.

Senator Josh Hawley (left) and Antifa thugs (right)

From Fox News:

The legislation would allow Supreme Court police to arrest individuals who interfere with the court’s ability to perform its duties, as well as create a criminal penalty for individuals who impede or obstruct those duties. Cornyn introduced the legislation the same day a group calling itself “Ruth Sent Us” organized protests outside the homes of six conservative justices.

“Attempts to intimidate Supreme Court Justices by the Radical Left are sadly nothing new, but dangerous nonetheless,” Cornyn said in a statement. “We must protect the Justices and their families in case these protests do turn violent.”

In response to the doxxing and planned protests, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has called the protestors “pathetic thugs” and suggested that Biden is “no better” than them for allowing the protests, with the White House’s position apparently being that they are neutral on where and how the “activists” protest, given that they declined to discourage intimidating the judges.

Hawley: “People who would try to terrorize the justices and their families at their homes are scumbags.”

“The left tried that tactic on me and my family, terrorizing my wife and baby. It failed. The real story here is that Joe Biden is encouraging it. That makes him no better than the pathetic thugs who engage in this behavior.”

Biden and Co have doubled down on their anti-MAGA rhetoric while refusing to denounce radical left thugs

Pro-abortion radicals have been protesting outside of churches and in some instances even vandalizing them, as well as their protests outside of the Supreme Court. Given the Antifa track record, vandalization of the Supreme Court Justices’ homes and threats of violence are likely.

However, despite this and the summer of 2020’s mass violence and destruction perpetrated by radical leftist and Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM; Biden, Psaki, and the AG all repeat the lies that MAGA and “right wing extremists” are the greatest threat to national security.

In fact, rather than condemn the intimidation tactics against conservative Justices, Biden has doubled down on referring to the “MAGA crowd” as extremists for overturning Roe v Wade.

Joe Biden and his talking heads have been escalating their language against patriots in the past few months as a way of ostracizing the opposition, all the while refusing to denounce or even vaguely criticize radical leftist activity which ha flourished across the nation since the summer of 2020.

By refusing to denounce intimidation tactics against anti-infanticide Supreme Court Justices while continuing to label the patriots as “extremists,” Biden has implicitly sided with the radical left in their war against justice and America.

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