The chaos on the ground in Afghanistan is entering its 6th day and Joe Biden is refusing to take responsibility for the pandemonium his administration has caused, claiming it was an unavoidable disaster.

As America’s work for the past 20-years in Afghanistan goes up in smoke, the leader of the free world is refusing to hold any press conferences on the matter in a cowardly effort to avoid taking questions. He instead chose to announce the unveiling of his new mandatory vaccination policy for nursing home staff and speak about boosters.

Meanwhile, Biden’s State Department continues to claim it is safe for people to make their way to the crowded airport, apparently having been assured that the Taliban would let them through. But the reality on the ground tells another story, with fighters blocking the route for some, including ABC journalists who the Daily Mail reports were turned away yesterday.


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How are Americans and Afghans supposed to get through this?

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Daily Mail reports that US troops used teargas and fired shots into the air on Wednesday night to control the increasingly desperate crowds of Afghans at the airport, while Taliban fighters blocked Westerners from getting to evacuation planes in a fifth day of chaos in Kabul.

From the article:

US Air Force fighter jets are now on standby in Kabul and are performing overwatch flights as the shambolic rush to get tens of thousands of Westerners and Afghan allies out of the region continues.

It is the latest development in an increasingly tense situation on the ground in Kabul where the Taliban, which had promised peace, appears to be tightening its grip. Its fighters on the street are stopping people from getting to the airport, where jets are waiting to fly them to safety, and there are no troops there on the ground to retrieve them because they are all at the airport defending it from a stampede of frightened natives.

There are thousands of Afghans surrounding the gates of the airport in Kabul desperate to be put on flights out of the country. Many haven’t the needed paperwork to board and are being held back by U.S. troops with the use of teargas.

“…there are the tens of thousands of women and girls who are petrified of what will happen to them once the Western forces leave for good and they are left to live under Sharia law.” 

Desperate and grief-stricken, some Afghan mothers are handing their babies and daughters to NATO troops over the walls to be put on flights without them, in anticipation of what awaits them under Taliban rule. American troops have been seen helping some women over the barbed wire while shouting at others to stand back.




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